Music is a part of all our lives. Whole house audio systems allow you to have control of the audio in every room. In ceiling speakers eliminate room clutter and wireless controllers eliminate wall clutter.  Imagine entertaining your friends and family in the great room or outside with some light music, while the kids are listening to the latest downloads in the playroom. We offer an array of systems that easily turn each room into
 its own music choice, or have a party and make each room listen in to the same music.

Sonos provides a sleek intuitive interface any Apple fan will love. The unique design allows for retrofittable installations. Each zone allows you to listen to an individual network music stream or link to Pandora, Rhapsody or other paid music services. Like what you are listening to in the family room? With the touch of a few buttons link the rest of the house to the same music. Because Sonos has apps for Apple and Droid devices your controller is already in your pocket.