Want complete control of your home? With home automation you can adjust lighting, turn on or off your security system, monitor thermostats and even do it all remotely. With seemingly endless control systems, automation gives your home tasks so you don’t have to think about them anymore.

Here are a few examples:

  • Outdoor lights come on at dusk
  • Turn off all lights at 2 a.m. every weeknight
  • Temperature is set to 68 every morning
  • Turn on the heater in the vacation home before you leave

With Savant you are in control.  The newest Savant license allows you to create scenes for easy living.  You can custom create a scene from scratch or capture a setting in the home that you enjoy and want to recreate.  These scene can trigger multiple things to occur from the press of a button.  Imagine choosing “Relax at Home” and the temperature gets automatically set to 70 degrees, the lights dim to your favorite setting and your favorite music playlists begins in the great room.